Thursday, January 27, 2011

topless woman on golf course jab at Tiger's sex scandal?

Tiger Woods, who has just been through one of the biggest sex scandals in sports history, has been able to catch his breath now that he is no longer front page news. Just when he thought all was quiet, this topless woman surfaces as a reminder of the days that shook his world to the core? No one knows for sure, but one golf fan thinks this is why this woman's image was planted somewhere it should not have been!

Tiger Woods PGA PlayStation Golf game has created a topless avatar for one surprised player! Jo Eley said she “spent ages” creating her likeness in an avatar for the Tiger Woods PGA PlayStation game, just to have the woman, who looks very much like her, come out wearing only short shorts! This avatar was wearing golf shoes, glasses and swinging a golf club, but she was also topless, according to the Sun News.

Jo Eley, who is a big golf fan believes that it was Tiger Woods sex scandal that may have prompted a programmer to put the topless avatar into the game as a joke, according to the Sun. She believes the programer planted a "secret strip" in the game. She said she could not stop laughing and that she cannot get rid of the topless avatar, according to the sun.

To create her virtual self in this virtual world of golf, Jo Eley used the face mapping technology. The avatar does have a remarkable resemblance to Jo, in facial features, but the avatar was only partially dressed!

A spokesperson for the makers of the game, Electric Arts, believe that it was some type of hacker outside of their manufacturing plant that did this to the Tiger Woods game. They say it is impossible to create this topless avatar from their game in its original retail form.

Connecticut fans of Tiger Woods want to see him play this year in the Travelers Championship. This tournament, which is held in Cromwell Connecticut, is the only PGA tour stop in the Nutmeg State. Tiger has not made it to this tournament yet and year after year his fans are hopeful that this will change and Tiger will grace the greens of the Nutmeg State’s tournament with the rest of the pros! Maybe 2011 will be the year!


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